AMO PRINTEMPaS: intensive courses and exams or a seminar for Esperanto activists

Courses with Zsofia, Christophe or Marion (14 - 22 April 2017)
Pass an international Esperanto exam (21-22 April 2017)
AMO Seminar with Stefan and Sara (15-20 April 2017)
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- Course A1-A2 « Starting ou together » with Marion Quenut
- Course A2-B1 « On the threshold of language » with Christophe Chazarein
- Course B1-B2 « Come, see, experience! » with Zsófia Kóródy
- AMO Seminar (C1) « How to modernize the teaching of Esperanto with the new technologies? Experiences and challenges. » with Stefan MacGill and Sara Spanò
- International Exams of ILEI-UEA
- Lectures with Mireille Grosjean
- NB: Christophe centralizes the students and evaluates their level before the course by a written and oral test

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The Cultural Center of Gresillon, in COLLABORATION with ILEI (International League of Esperanto Teachers) organizes courses for people who have begun to learn Esperanto and who wish to make rapid progress thanks to intensive courses led by experienced teachers who use the direct method (all in Esperanto), the most recommended for intensive learning. We offer three levels (courses).

COURSE A1-A2 « Starting out together! » (15 - 21 Apvril 2017)
  • Teacher : Marion QUENUT has taught Occitan in Toulouse since 2011. Passionate about languages (she knows eight), she has created and administers since 2006 the site, the Toulous portal of the languages of the world. She began her apprenticeship in Esperanto in 2006 in a course with the Esperanto Cultural Center in Toulouse. Since then she has regularly organized courses for this association. She received a certificate of level C1 in Esperanto.
  • Objective: Acquire level A2 according to this definition. This course is for beginners and people who have already started learning Esperanto but still see themselves as beginners.
  • Manual: There is no recommended manual, the course will be based on new media (intended for a new manual in project). André Andrieu’s dictionaire pratique (16 €, published by SAT-Amikaro) is recommended.
  • Presentation of the course: This course will focus on oral communication from the beginning, but all the skills of the exam are worked during the week with the help of games and theatrical activities.

COURSE A2-B1 « On the threshold of language » (15 - 21 April 2017)
  • Teacher : Christophe CHAZAREIN is an activist at Esperanto Cultural Center of Toulouse. He has been teaching Esperanto since 2006. In 2009, he spent one year in Białystok as a European volunteer, and received training in Esperanto at the University of Poznań. Since 2011, teaching - Esperanto and Occitan - is his main activity. In 2014, he created Ins’eo, an association whose aim is to promote more modern teaching practices, and to encourage the professionalization of the teaching of Esperanto.
  • Objective: Acquire level B1 according to this definition. Those who register at this level must have at least an A2 level. This course is for people who wish to acquire a sufficient level to communicate in most situations where Esperanto can serve (travel, international meetings, correspondence, etc ...).
  • Presentation of the course: Learning a language is much more than assimilating rules of grammar and vocabulary. It means developing your ability to communicate - that is, to listen, read, write ... and above all speak! If you have bases in Esperanto, but you feel too limited and if you want to give yourself the means to use it in most situations during travel, Esperanto congresses or on the Internet, then this course is for you. This course also aims at preparing for the oral and written tests of the ILEI-UEA level B1 and B2 exams.

COURSE B1-B2 « Come, see, experience! » (15 - 21 April 2017)

  • Teacher: Zsófia KÓRÓDY, a Hungarian living in the Esperanto City Herzberg am Harz, Germany; a central activist in the famous Interkultura Centro Herzberg. She graduated from ELTE University in Budapest; worked as a professional language teacher in English, Hungarian, and Esperanto; and wrote a grammar exercise book.
  • Goal: Acquire Level B2 (strong intermediate level of language use). At this level, the students must already have Level B1. All those who wish to improve their language use are welcome, but especially those who already or will soon teach Esperanto. The course will also prepare for the exams at the end. Zsófia adapts the course to the actual level of the participants, all the while providing material at a higher level for those who wish to pass the C1 exam.
  • Presentation: The course will concentrate on increasing vocabulary and every-day expressions, and their use in conversation and naration. The course will look at all the important grammar, and will prepare the students for the exam with exercises, written tasks, games, conversations, and roll-playing.

Seminar C1: AMO (15 - 20 April 2017)

  • Aktivisten-Matura (AMO) is the Universal Esperanto Association’s project to improve the performance of the Esperanto movement’s leaders. The project occurs in a series of seminaries, usually during Esperanto meetings around the world. The project leader was Stefan MacGill, and now Sara Spanò since 2017. Read more on this subject (in Esperanto).
  • The seminar theme will be « How to modernize Esperanto teaching with new technical aids? Experiences and challenges. »
  • We will use the participants’ experiences with on-line courses and interactive methods to contact with new people who came across Esperanto on the internet or in beginners’ courses.
  • We will discuss the most attractive arguments in order to get those people’s attention and make them want to learn.
  • We will talk about the possibilities for on-line courses to be translated into as many user-languages as possible.
  • We will meditate on whether there are eternal teaching principles that are still valid in the internet age and the growth of self-teaching.
  • The AMO-seminar will occur for the second time at Grésilon. The previous one presented the four steps for retaining new learners in our language community: How to creat interest. – How to promote a course. – How to teach the language. – How to lead them to active use. Read more in Esperanto.

International Exams (22 April 2017)

  • Levels: There will be ILEI-UEA exams on the first level A1-A2, the second level B1, and the third level B2. The second and third level exams are practically fully in Esperanto. The exams emphasize communication skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading. In addition, they also have questions on knowledge of the Esperanto culture and movement.
  • Inscription: Contact Christophe (by E-mail at <ch.chazarein Ĉe-signo @> or by phone +33-, who will help find your level and fill in the inscription form.
  • Prices: 38€ for those who live in Western Europe, and 28€ for those in Eastern Europe.
  • Diploma: An ILEI diploma will be given to those who succeed in the exam.
  • About the exams (in Esperanto): Find general information on the exam here; description of the exam here; FAQ here ; and regulations for the first level here.

PROGRAMME of the courses
  • Friday 14 April
    • afternoon: arrival of the trainees. Everyone will find sheets on the bed assigned to him in the castle
    • 18h30 welcome drink
    • 19h30 dinner
    • 20h30 getting acquainted and presentation of the courses
  • Daily schedule from Saturday 15 April to Friday 21 April
    • 8h-8h30 breakfast
    • 9h-12h classes with Zsofia, Marion or Christophe
    • 12h30 lunch
    • 14h distractions proposed by Jannick or individual work
    • 16h30-18h30 classes
    • 19h dinner
    • 20h30 evening program

PROGRAMME of the seminar

  • Saturday 15 April
    • afternoon: arrival of participants
  • Daily schedule of a day from Sunday 16 April to Thursday 20 April midday
    • 8h-8h30 breakfast
    • 9h-12h workshops with Sara, Stefan and Mireille
    • 12h30 lunch
    • 14h-16h workshops with Sara, Stefan and Mireille
    • 16h-19h distractions proposed by Jannick
    • 19h dinner
    • 20h30 evening program

PROGRAMME of the exams

  • Friday 21 April
    • afternoon: arrival of persons registered only for examination
    • evening: oral examination for the first participants
  • Saturday 22 April
    • morning: written examination for all
    • afternoon: oral examination, continued
    • then: departure of the last participants

  • The price of your stay is calculated automatically during your on line registration.
  • For an estimate of the price, click on the button "RECALCULATE" after having indicated only your age, chosen the room and indicated the number of nights. Click here to join up.
  • All-inclusive package (excluding exam) for a full 7-day stay: between 279 and 472 € (camping 239 €).
  • A 5% discount on the all inclusive package is applied for registration and deposit of 100 € deposit until 28 February.
  • Trainees enrolled in the exam do not pay the night of 21-22. April
  • Find all our prices here. Extract: room 9-38 €, camping 3 €; three meals 23 €, course and programme 12 €, per day.

Team: Jannick Huet, Bert Schumann, Thierry Charles

Attendees: Alain & Brigitte, Amed, Bernard, Brigitte B, Chantal, Christophe, Claude, Françoise, Frank, Frédéric, Isaac, Isabelle, Jannick & Bert, Jeanne, Juma & Mohamed, Marco, Marie-Ange, Marion, Lamine, Lise, Lydie, Marilou, Marie-Solange, Mathieu, Mireille, Madeleine, Mouhamed, Nadine, Pascal, Pierre, Reine, René, Siv kaj Margareta, Victor, Xavier, Zsofia ...

Infanoj/junuloj kun aĝo: Jade 22, Océane 19, Eole 14, Nicolas 14, Lina 6, Mathilde 5 ...

Attendees’ home towns: DE: 37412 Herzberg am Harz, 65929 Frankfurt; GH: 23321 Accra ML: 2382 Bamako; SN: 99000 Guinaw, 99000 Pikine; SV: 44341 Gråbo; TZ Morogoro; FR: 18500 Mehun sur Yèvre, 22000 Saint-Brieuc, 24520 Saint Sauveur, 26300 Bourg de Péage, 29100 Le Juch, 31100 Toulouse, 31190 Auterive, 33730 Préchac, 35400 Saint Malo, 35510 Cesson-Sévigné, 37130 Cinq-Mars-la-Pile, 38320 Eybens, 44300 Nantes, 45000 Orléans, 49140 Sermaise, 49260 Le Coudray-Macouard, 50300 Vains, 50400 St Planchers, 64400 Oloron-Sainte-Marie, 69005 Lyon, 72380 Joué-l’Abbé, 73400 Marthod, 73400 Ugine, 750200 Paris, 76380 Canteleu, 79140 Cerizay ...

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Photo from 2017:

Opinions of former participants 2016. (2015 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011):
Trop court a été, à mon goût, notre séjour chez vous. Ce lieu est magnifique et vous nous avez laissé beaucoup de liberté, y compris pour vous rendre quelque service. Les cours de Christophe, également nous ont beaucoup appris. Merci à vous tous. Affectueusement à vous deux.
À bientôt ! Miŝa
Karaj amikoj. Dankon Jannick pro tiu bela semajno en Greziljono dank’al via laboro kaj klopodoj por plezurigi la partoprenintojn. Per tiu mesaĝo mi dankas ankaŭ ĉiujn teamanojn en la kastelo kiuj multe laboris. La kultura programo estis tre riĉa. Hejme mi estas kaj mi kompreneble havas multajn farontaĵojn por plulerni nian lingvon kaj alporti viglajn ideojn kaj agadojn al nia movado. Ni plu fosu nian sulkon!
Plej amike, Jean-Claude