SOMERaS        (2017-aŭg-21/28)

                International dance week, activities for children and Esperanto classes
from Monday 21 August 6 p.m. until midday on Monday 28 August
read in English

    • Danka Leyk (Polland) Teaching dances in circles, chains and couples
    • Martin Strid (Sweden) Feroe chain dances with ballads and four introductory lectures
    • Françoise Noireau (Occitania) Playing the music of traditional folk dances, workshop and balfolk
    • André David ’Dédé (Brittany) Playing the music of folk dances of Brittany, Fest Noz
    • Marcelle Morvant (Nantes) Teaching French balfolk dances
    • Jean-Luc Kristos (Auvergne) Let’s sing!
    • Balfolk: Sunday 27 August. 20h30, Baugé, Europa place, free

 * PUPPET THEATER 2017-aŭg-22/25 - - - PROVISIONAL !
 * * Ines & Christoph Frank (Germany) Crafting glove and stick puppets
 * * Christoph Frank (Germany) How to play with hand puppets?
 * * Christoph Frank (Germany) Evening shows in the puppet castle

    • Jean-Luc Kristos (Auvergne) Let’s play to talk a little, a lot, passionately!
    • Bert Schumann (Brittany) Exercises for individual difficulties in grammar or fluency
    • Nicky Janssen (Flanders) MAZI course for small children
    • Françoise Noireau (Occitania) Activating advanced learners with improvisation theater, writing, translation of songs, vocabulary enrichment through games
    • Nicky Janssen (Flanders) Your choice of handicraft activities
    • Bert Schumann (Brittany) Bedtime stories for children, viewing of Chinese children’s books
    • Françoise Noireau (Occitania) Traditional dances and easy musical initiation for children
    • Anne Dupechaud (Nord’France) Relaxation gymnastics (before diner)
    • Anita Dagmarsdotter (Sweden) Presentation of her country with photos
    • Discover the local area in the afternoon: a guided tour in Esperanto around Baugé
    • André David ’Dédé’ (Brittany) Photographer of SOMERaS
    • Summer University of Europe-Democracy-Esperanto at 2017-08-26/27
    • Esperanto bookshop, see the books

Dances & music: FOLK DANCES

  • Traditional dances are a lot of fun and bring hundreds of dancers together! It goes without saying that dancing for one’s own pleasure, without showing oneself in public, brings to everyone a healthy physical exercise, an intellectual effort to learn the movements and especially a pleasant way of getting to know others! Anyone can dance folk dances! It creates a fraternal and friendly atmosphere!
  • Marcelle is a workshop facilitator of traditional dances. She will show you the patterns (couple, circle, line, quadrette ...), the steps and movements of the most frequent folk dances in French balfolks.
  • Françoise is a fiddler of folk dances from various regions of France and Europe. Dédé is a fiddler and accordionist of Breton dances. They will make you dance polkas, schottisches, waltzes, mazurkas, an dros, gavottes and rondeaux, circassian circles, chapelloises, bourrées of Center France, basque & béarn jumps ...
  • Danka comes from Poland, she is a dance presenter who will introduce you to folk dances - mainly in circles but also in chains and in couples dances - from Europe and even from Israel! In addition a lecture on round dances and how to note the steps.
  • Martin comes from Sweden, he is a singer of dance songs and he is also a folk musician. He will present in Esperanto chain dances of the Faroe Islands with ballads - about which he will give four introductory lectures. He will also present traditional dance musics with his violin. His website.
  • Translation between French and Esperanto takes place as needed.

Dances & music: LET’S SING!

  • Jean-Luc presents a repertoire of songs of French varieties to French and foreign Esperantists. Accompanying himself on the piano, his aim is to sing simply for the pleasure of using the language in a cheerful and special atmosphere.
  • These are songs for one voice like what you sing in your bathroom. On the menu ? Songs sung in Esperanto, with a lot of variety but also the most traditional, French hits and songs traditionally known worldwide.


Puppet theater: CRAFT and PLAY
 * (A) Crafting glove and stick puppets out of clay-like material. During 4 mornings, about 3 hours a day, everybody makes a puppet. Read here how to.
 * Ines makes stick puppets with the younger children. At the same time and same place, Christoph makes glove puppets with the children from 8 years of age and adults. The participant pays for the materials for his puppet (10 €).
 * (B) A seminar for all children and adults to learn how to use a puppet, takes place during 4 afternoons, 2-3 hours a day. The course also serves those adults who work professionally with children or have children of their own.

 * Christoph deals with the following topics: various methods to keep a figure; basic moves; various types/grades of puppets; to find the right voice; prepare the scene, props; scenery; frames; light; how to play for children; which criteria appl when children play with puppets.
 * (C) With the puppets made, all run a small puppet play and show the result during the farewell evening. On Saturday and Sunday, Elisabeth helps with the preparation of the farewell evening.


Puppet theater: SHOWS
 * On 2 evenings there will be 2 professional shows in a puppet castle: ’ElephanTones’ on Tuesday 22 and ’Wizardries with Bello and Bella’ on Thursday 24 August around 8PM.
 * If you are too curious, secretly look now here, but do not disclose it to the artist.
 * Christoph was director of a kindergarten. In 1983 he created the magician and puppet theater ’Zauberbühne’. Today he works as a creative artist and seminar leader.
 * Note: The shows are charged separately: 5 € per person and show. External public is welcome.


Course: PLAY to SPEAK

  • Let’s PLAY to SPEAK a little, a lot, passionately! Simple, oral everyday communication in a joyful, playful and festive atmosphere.
  • Jean-Luc will offer you a wide range of games to encourage you to speak more and more: stories; riddles; puzzles; poetry; enigmas; taboo words; description of pictures, creating stories. He will also use his games as a starting point for discussing points of grammar – or will do so at your request. Each game will also be an opportunity to learn new words.
  • If you are more or less able to apply the basic rules in writing but do not dare to speak, this conversational course is for you!


  • Farado de diversaj pupoj el diversaj materialoj, nome fingropupoj, manpupoj, bastonpupoj, indoneziaj vajangoj, tirpupetoj kaj eĉ perlaj feliĉ-pupetoj kun juveletoj.
  • Per la faritaj pupoj ni elpensas etajn pupteatraĵojn kaj montros la rezulton dum la adiaŭa vespero.
  • Ni preparas rekvizitojn por teatraĵo. Ni ellaboras ali-vestaĵojn por la teatraĵo. Ni desegnos sur papero per koloraj krajonoj por prepari dekoron por la teatraĵo.
  • Nicky ŝatas labori, ludi kaj manlabori kun la infanoj - ili tion ŝategas kaj ne nur la temo pupoj donas multe da eblecoj.
  • Matene ŝi pretas fari Mazi-kurson kun la etuloj, vespere ŝi laŭlegos piĵamo-rakontojn, kun sia japana kamiŝibaj-kesteto.
  • Nicky kunportas multe da materialo, por tiun bone uzi, ŝi petas helpon de gepatroj.

  • The price of your stay is automatically calculated during your online sign up. For a price estimate, just fill in the age category, the bed room and the number of nights.
  • Price from 9 € per day (courses and activities, camping, self-catering). Reduced price for meals, courses and activities for children, teenagers or participants with modest resources.
  • All-inclusive rate for a 7 day stay for an adult, including full board, lessons and activities: between 279 and 472 € (camping 246 €).
  • 5% reduction available on the all-inclusive rate for signing up and paying a non-refundable deposit of €100 at least 2 months before the start of the event.
  • Click here to sign up. Consult all our rates here. For other prices please contact us.

Team : Bert Schumann, Jannick Huet, Thierry Charles

Registered participants : Anita, Ankica, Anne, Arielle, Bert & Jannick, Christoph & Ines, Danka, Dominique & Yves, Elias, Francis, Françoise & Dédé, Gerd, Gilles, Jean-Luc, Marcelle, Marie-Christine, Martin, Mojtaba & Shiva, Nathalie K, Nathalie D kaj Christophe, Nicky & Ivo, Noémie, Olivier & Magali, Pierre, Pietra, René, Ousmane Amadou, Veerle ...

EDE Summer University : Bernard, Bert, Elisabeth, Lucien, Laure, Laurent, Marcel & Pierre, Robert, Vincent

Children/teens with age : Hélène 12, Éole 8, Camille 6, Zélie 3

Participants’ home towns: : BE-1501 Buizingen, 2160 Wommelgem, 2018 Antwerpen; CH-1800 Vevey; DE-78628 Rottweil; HR-10000 Zagreb; SE-54694 Undenäs; 78473 Borlänge; SN-1186 Rufisque; UK-WV1 1HR Wolverhampton; FR-16460 Bayers (Aunac sur Charente), 21000 Dijon, 29310 Querrien, 31300 Toulouse, 33730 Préchac, 35510 Cesson-Sévigné, 36170 Chazelet, 36200 Mosnay, 36600 Valençay, 35700 Rennes, 42100 Saint Étienne, 44470 Thouaré-sur-Loire, 44510 Le Pouliguen, 45400 Fleury les Aubrais, 49000+49100 Angers, 53970 L’Huisserie, 59000 Lille, 59130 Lambersart, 63120 Ste Agathe, 63300 Thiers, 68200 Mulhouse, 75012 Paris, 75013 Paris, 75016 Paris, 81630 Tauriac, 93140 Bondy

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Photo from 2017

see the TV video

Opinioj de partoprenantoj 2017
Kun koro plene de varmeco ni reiros hejmen. Gerd Dankon pour l’accueil et la bonne humeur des danseurs et de tous. Marcelle
Dankon al ĉiuj pro tre agrabla semajno en Grezijono. Sopirante rerenkonti vin, amike vin salutas Martin Kara Kastelo Greziljono. Ĉiuj kiuj iam ĉeestis, perdis parton de l’kor ĉe vi. Revenos ni por nova deĵor’, pli kaj pli. Knufloj Nicky
Tiu semajno estis tre riĉa, diversa, kun ne atenditaj okazaĵoj. Ĝi ebligis konatiĝi kun tre simpatiaj esperantistoj aŭ ne-esperantistoj, eĉ senti sin utila per iom da pordmanlaboro. Anne Mi multe ĝojis ĉeesti en Greziljono, neniam forgesos la etoson, la kursojn, dancojn ktp. nek la alarmon! Reirante hejmen mi travivis aventurojn! Eble iun tagos mi rakontos prie. Pietra
Dankon al Bert pro fidi min kaj organizi aranĝon dediĉatan al tradiciaj popoldancoj. Dankon al Marcelle, Danka k. Martin, la dancgvidantoj. Dankon al Dédé, la bretona muzikisto. Grandan longan brakumon al miaj geamikoj, aparte al Ankica, Gerd, Danka k. Martin. Fransoazo, popolviolonistino Ni tre bone pasigis tempon en amikeca rondo. Eĉ tri alarmoj ne detruis nian kontenton. Ni ĉiuj esperas ree vidi unu la alian iam ie en Esperantujo. Danka, Veerle. Konsentas kaj kunsentas. Ankica
Konsentite pri ĉio kio estas ĉi-supre skribite, sed aldone mi vere ĝuis ŝpruci vinagron por purigi la tablojn. Ĝis revido Anna
Mi ŝategis tiun someran dancan semajnon.Multe plaĉis al mi la agrabla etoso kaj ĉiuj eventoj kiuj okazis dum tiu restado. Mi volas ankaŭ danki la kuiriston por la specialaj pladoj sen laktozo kiuj donis al li pli da laboro. Kompreneble mi konsilas al vi forĵeti tiun sonorilon kiu foje sonoris je la sesa matene. Dankon al vi organizantoj kaj al ĉiuj partoprenantoj por tiu agrablega sperto da simpatia vivo. Marie-Christine Dankon pro via invito, sed, dum mi ne estas en pozicio por akccepti vian afablan inviton, vi memorigas min pri la multaj feliĉaj kaj plibonigaj ferio-kursoj kiujn mi ĝuis ĉe vi. Bonvolu diri al novaj partoprenantoj de viaj kursoj, ke mi gratulas ke ili decidis studi ĉe Grezijono, ĉar ĝi estas fonto de kontento kaj konvinko ke Esperanto ja funkcias, ebligante komprenadon inter multaj homoj el diversaj nacioj. Plej bonajn dezirojn! David