SOMERAS, the Espo study week (6–15 Aug 2016)

SOMERAS, the Esperanto study week
Five Esperanto courses and interesting activities
from Saturday 6 August (p.m.) until midday on Saturday 13 August
and, optionally:
whole day excursion on Sunday 14 August 2016
read in English

    • A1/A2 Marion Quenut (Occitania) "...and they’re off !"
    • B1 Christophe Chazarein (France) "Crossing the Threshold"
    • B1+ Przemek Wierzbowski (Poland) "The Bialystok Method"
    • B2 Tim Morley (Great Britain) "Conversation and Brushing Up!"
    • C1 Mikaelo Bronŝtejn (Russia) "Impulso"
    • NB: Christophe will contact all attendees before the event for a pre-course evaluation of your language level. Marion and Christophe will teach only if the number of students requires it.
    • Song workshop with Ĵomart and Nataŝa
    • Relax and Repose: yoga with Marie Savary
    • Concert with Mikaelo Bronŝtejn, with poetry and short stories Monday 20h30
    • Concert with Ĵomart and Nataŝa Wednesday 20h30 ...
    • Seminars and discussion groups on a variety of topics: the Esperanto movement, history and politics, Vasili Eroŝenko, Russian authors and poets, and more...
    • Workshop of postal art with Wolfgang Guenther
    • Discover the local area in the afternoon: a guided tour in Esperanto around Baugé
    • Esperanto bookshop, see the books, with Dominique Baron
  • OPTIONALLY: a full day’s excursion to the famous Loire valley, to the châteaux at Amboise and Chenonceau on Sunday 14th August (schedule) + an additional night’s accommodation at Grésillon. We need 30 registrations for this excursion by 31 May.




C1-level Course: "Impulso"
Mikaelo BRONŜTEJN from the Russian town of Tikhvin, an Esperantist since 1962, is a world famous translator, author, poet, and singer. He has written and translated around 20 books, and several hundred poems and songs. A former president of the Soviet Esperanto Youth Movement, he has also organised and led art workshops and seminars at the annual World Congress of Esperanto. In recent years Mikaelo has regularly toured Europe with cultural-historical talks and concerts. He is also an experienced teacher of Esperanto, particularly for high level learners and for translation courses with participants from a range of linguistic backgrounds.
About the course: with the help of my tale "About Diko, Dinjo and other beings" and some songs we’ll approach the grammatical points required for the C1 level. We’ll read and speak. We’ll discuss the principle of "sufiĉo kaj neceso", definite article, accusative, participle, verb aspects, etc… We’ll sing together. We’ll try writing stories. May it give you an impulse to further deepen your knowledge in Esperanto!

B2-level Course: "Conversation and Brushing Up!"
Tim MORLEY is a British Esperantist living in Cambridge, but who started to learn Esperanto in Brittany in 2001. Formerly a programmer, he has taught now taught English, French and Esperanto for more than 15 years to children and adults. He’s known in the world of Esperanto for his TEDx talk about teaching Esperanto in British primary schools, and for leading the development of Esperanto versions of several software projects, the biggest being He has also been active as a Wikipedia editor.
About the course: if you more or less know the grammar but want to speak more fluently, extend your vocabulary and perhaps fix some specific grammatical problems, this is your course. Tim offers lively (some would say noisy!) lessons with exercises, games, and a lot of discussion.

Course B1+ "The Bialystok Method"
Przemek WIERZBOWSKI studied law in Bialystok university (Poland), worked in 2008 as an EVS volonteer in Esperanto-Kultur-Centro in Toulouse (France), and in worked for the city of Bialystok to help organize the 94th World Esperanto Congress. He attained the C1 level certificate in Esperanto proficiency, and attended training in Poznan (Poland) for Esperanto teachers. In 2012-2013, he worked in the "Intercultural Esperanto Center" in Sicilia, and taught in schools. Nowadays, he spends a large part of his time working for the Bialystok Esperanto Society as a teacher
About the course: Przemek has taught Esperanto for several years in Bialystok and at international events such as SES in Slovakia.

B1-level Course: "Crossing the Threshold"
Christophe CHAZAREIN is an activist at the Esperanto Cultural Centre in Toulouse. He has been teaching Epsreanto since 2006. In 2009 he spent a year in Białystok as a European volunteer and followed a teacher training course at the university of Poznan. Since 2011 teaching Esperanto and Occitan has been his main occupation. In 2014 he created Ins’eo, a non-profit organisation which aims to spread the use of modern teaching practices and help to professionalise the teaching of Esperanto.
About the course: learning a language means much more than just assimilating some grammatical rules and a heap of words. Learning a language means evolving ones capacity for communication, i.e. listening, reading, writing... and most of all, speaking! If you have a basic knowledge of Esperanto but still feel rather limited in using it, and you want to be able to use it, perhaps online or for travelling to kongresoj or other Esperantists, then this course is for you.

A1/A2-level Course: "...and they’re off !"
Marion QUENUT is a language teacher, she teaches the occitanian language in Toulouse since 2011. Her passion for languages (she can speak eight) lead her to create in 2006 the website, Toulouse’s portal about the world’s languages. She started to learn esperanto in 2006 with the local Esperanto Culture Centre. She regularly [gvidas] lessons for this association. She has the C1 certificate in Esperanto.
About the course: this course will concentrate on spoken communication right from the start, but work will be done on all strands of the KER-exams (reading, writing, listening) during the week, including by means of game playing and sketch acting.

  • All-inclusive rate for a 7 day stay, including full board, lessons and activities:
    • for a single room: 420 € (+130 €*)
    • to share a twin room: 329 € (+105 €*)
    • to board in a room with 3 to 5 beds: 294 € (+95 €*)
    • to board in a room with 3 to 5 beds for under 26-year-olds: 179 € (+73 €*)
    • to camp in your own tent: 252 € (+83 €*)
    • to camp in your own tent for under 26-year-olds: 137 € (+65 €*)
    • NB*: the price in brackets is the optional additional charge which covers the full day excursion on Sunday, an extra night’s accommodation, and breakfast on Monday 15th August 2016
  • Click here to sign up.
  • 5% reduction available for signing up and paying a non-refundable deposit of €100 at least 2 months before the start of the event.
  • For other prices (e.g. for fewer than 7 days, etc.) please contact us.

Team : Jannick Huet, Isabelle Nicolas, Frédéric Lahier

Attendees : Astrid, Benoit, Bernard & Muriel, Camille, Charlotte & Wolfgang, Christian, Christophe, Claude, Dominique, Emmanuel, Gerhard, Jan, Jannick, Jean-Charles, Isabelle, Jean-Charles, Joost, Josu, Ĵomart & Nataŝa, Karlo & Lala, Kathryn, Lennart, Marion, Michel & Annette, Mikaelo, Mike, Nadine, Nathalie, Noëmie, Przemek, Régine, Robert, Tim, Trezoro, Ursula & Hans Georg, Victor ...

Children with age : Suno 15, Lina 4

Attendees’ home towns: : CN-744300 Pingliang, DE-34128 Kassel, 34130 Kassel, 64283 Darmstadt, 72070 Tübingen, 71701 Schwieberdingen, GB-CB13ST Cambridge, HG13DF Harrogate, PL15EP Plymouth, IT-10135 Torino, MG-101 Antananarivo, NL-3522HK Utrecht, PL-15-446 Białystok, RU-187556 Tiĥvin ; SE-11130 Stockholm, 68096 Lesjöfors ; SF-28430 Pori, US-14883 Spencer NY ; Euskal Herria ; FR: 07000 Pranles, 30900 Nîmes, 31100 Toulouse, 31190 Auterive, 35510 Cesson-Sévigné, 37140 Ingrandes de Touraine, 37700 St Pierre des Corps, 38960 St Etienne de Crossey, 44300 Nantes, 49260 Le Coudray-Macouard, 50000 Saint Lô, 67118 Geispolsheim, 68200 Mulhouse, 71701 Schwieberdingen, 75018 Paris, 79140 Cerizay ...

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